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She remembered who she was, and the game changed

They say being heartbroken changes a woman. I’ve had my fair share of heartaches from guys I liked/loved (emphasis on the past tense lol) but for me, the game changer was when I was heartbroken from myself. 

It took me years to bring back my confidence, 8 years to be exact. For a long time I was consumed with insecurity from looking and comparing my life to my peers and fellow girls who were moving forward with their lives that I was missing out on counting the blessings that I actually have. I forgot who I was in the process, then I was lost. Well, not anymore.

I will always be a victor because I have a loving support system ever since. Even if nobody sees it at the moment, God sees all my efforts. Even if I am not appreciated by those whom I thought matter, my family and close friends love me for me. All it takes is for me to own who I really am. That even though I may not be excellent, the important thing is my grit and resilience in doing my very best at what I do.

This is me, Denise Erika Padernilla. I am smart, skillful, charismatic, talented, a good conversationalist/ friendly, family oriented, loving, kind but strong and most significantly, God-fearing. I am not saying these to show off, but I am reassuring myself that I also matter in this world. That I have a uniqueness in me apart from anyone else. I learned to love myself, and I am grateful to God for fearfully and wonderfully creating me in His image. I was, is and will forever be a champion. By God’s grace and for His glory. 

P.s. As I celebrate myself, learn to celebrate yourself too sometimes. We need to love ourselves now more than ever. People who matter won’t mind and people who don’t matter, never mind them. Love yourself, then love others, as you love God.

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