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My First Atomy Purchases: Reviews

Recently, I became interested in a brand that is not only promising but it delivers results right away. Readers, let me introduce you to Atomy.

It was during Black Friday (the day after USA’s Thanksgiving where all products in the market are discounted and people buy them because of the affordable prices) that I decided to buy the skin care products from my parents’ friends, Tita Mary Ann and Tito Felix Mercado, who are selling these wonderful items that I thought I’d give a try. I researched on the company (Atomy) and I found that the owner is a Christian and it has been a million-dollar korean company for 10 years already, which operates in different countries like Philippines, USA, Indonesia, etc. therefore it shows its potential and promising future. I know it was a risk but I still bought about $200 worth of home and skin care products (that is about P8,000) and waited for my delivery in about a week. When it finally arrived, I was so happy with my purchases because the products are exactly what I hoped it would be! The style is minimalist and simple but the results of the skin care products blew me away in just a day! Let me tell you about the products one by one:

  1. Atomy Evening Care Set

During the night of my delivery, I bought the deep cleanser and the foam cleanser first. I wasn’t skeptical of the products and was even excited to use them because of the many good reviews it had online. So, I used the deep cleanser first to get rid of my make up. The feeling and the smell is so good! I couldn’t at all describe how it smells like but it is definitely a good smell. I have always been meticulous about things I put in my body but this one I wasn’t even hesitant to continue because of the smell. When I used it the first time, it feels as if it tightened my skin after I rinsed it. Definitely a good sign. Next is the foam cleanser, the foam cleanser is sudsy and foamy as it is depicted. I can feel that the impurities in my skin is naturally getting rid of and the feeling is minty and fresh! I love it!

For the latter two, the peeling gel and the peel-off mask, I had to purchase it separately after a few days from Tito Felix because I was curious of how it would be like to complete the set. So I did complete it after a few days and immediately used the products! The peeling gel got rid of my dry skin and made it even smoother. Aw man, honestly I am not kidding about how fast the results can be seen in just a few days. Then, I used the peel off mask to get rid of my blemishes and zits, and poof! just after a night’s sleep, it is visibly reduced! See photo below for evidence (before – left, after – right):

Now, don’t tell me it’s hocus pocus or it’s bogus, because I saw the results right away myself. And I am not one to buy things easily that I don’t research and make sure first. This is Atomy, friends. And it is tried and true!

2. Lotion and Nutrition Cream

The lotion and nutrition cream is part of The Fame skin care set. I only bought these two because these are the only two I would need for my skin – moisturizer and brightening. I used these two after the evening care set.

Lotion hydrates my skin and it doesn’t give off a very strong scent as well. I can feel my face is being moisturized after just one pump, it already finishes the whole face. Also, it isn’t sticky as compared to other moisturizers.

Nutrition cream played a huge role in minimizing my blemishes in just 3 days. And it also brightened my skin, as you can see in the above before and after pictures I had. Need I say more? The evidence is there. It truly is a wonderful product.

3. Hand Therapy

Aren’t these packaging cute? And the smell of these hand lotion are cute as well. It is already illustrated on the packages – Soft Poppy, Rose Water, Shea Butter and Citrus Lemon. There is one for every season, if you buy it in a pack. The lotion is consistent and isn’t sticky as well. It moisturizes my hands and the smell are soooo good. Almost every Atomy product smells so good now that I think of it.

3. Hair Essential Oil

Now this is a significant product for me. It’s winter time and you know what that means? Yes, you got it, dry scalp! Lol. For me I have that during winter and I am not ashamed to admit that I have dandruff. But after using this product, heck, only 3 days and my dandruff days on my shoulders are gooooneee! Haha! It also made my curls more defined. See picture below for evidence:

My curls wasn’t defined when I didn’t use the essential oil. Again, the smell is also sooo good! Certainly a must-have if you want smooth, well-defined hair.

3. Face Mask and Toothpaste

Everybody loves face masks. But if you try this face mask, you’ll fall in love with it. Not only does it moisturized and brightens your face after a few tries, it makes it smoother and helps with making your blemishes reduced (See photo before and after photo above). I love to use it during night time before I go to sleep and when I wake up I feel refreshed because of, again, the minty smell, haha.

The famous toothpaste. Did you know the toothpaste is composed of propolis? This is the ingredient of natural honey and it is one of the cleanest natural product in the world. When I used it, it suds and foams, that way you know it works. Also, after using it, it doesn’t give you bad breath as what normal toothpaste does. Plus, it tastes good!

4. BB Cream and Burgundy Lipstick

The next best thing is this BB Cream. It is not foundation, I repeat, it is not foundation. It is a tinted moisturizer and honestly has theee best formula, ever. It goes with any skin type, because it’s a moisturizer and it blends in with any skin color! Talk about what an invention!

The last but not the least, is the Lipstick. It is organic and so smooth/ creamy BUT it lasts long like a lip tint. Also, the lipstick container itself is magnetic which the cap doesn’t get lost that easily. I also love its different colours.

There you go. These are my reviews on using these products after a few days. Mind you, even if it’s just a few days, it delivers. That is why I recommend you guys to try it. I have never been more excited in using products my entire life until today. This is Atomy.

PM me if you are interested in buying OR you can check their website.

By the way, if you are going to be a member, you’ll have discounts. Soooo, PM is the key. 😉

Toodles and see you on my next post!



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