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In the name of LOVE

Recently I was able to join this year's GO Conference by Passion To Reach ministries online. It was such a perfect timing because I was undergoing so much, struggling with my identity, the need or craving for love/ attention, and discontentment. The theme of this year is such a refreshing take on what we need to do as christians in the face of crisis, most especially how we could impact our communities in this time of uncertainty. "What would Jesus do?" is the name of the theme. Though I was not able to listen to the speaker of the first session (November 5th), I joined the second and third one respectively (Nov 6th and 7th). What I learned during the second session is that in order for us to impact our communities, with regards to any race/ gender/ identity/ etc., the most important thing is to listen with love in your heart towards them. 'You can listen with love and empathy without compromising your beliefs'. Each person has their own opinions, but there is only one truth - which is, the Word of God is the only truth there is. It is the only truth because His Word is unshakeable, His Kingdom is eternal. We Christians have been in this run for a long, long time come to think of it. From the beginning of time, we already have this truth with us up until now it's still going. Yes there will be people who will disagree with beliefs, we can still continue to love them despite.

Onwards to the third session, where I was filled with respect towards the speaker since he was speaking with so much wisdom that I almost felt the Holy Spirit was speaking through him. His session was all about his ministry in Los Angeles where he entitled it, "Love Without Limits." As far as I know they help people with situations such as homelessness and poverty there and also aid in helping foster children find families. It's really such a selfless mission, to which my heartstrings were tugged. We sometimes do not know how blessed we are because we have a roof over our heads, can eat decent meals three times a day and have jobs/ families, while there are those who do not have what we have. That's why we should stay grateful.

Continuing from the third session, I would say this was the peak of the conference. I learned a lot from what the speaker was relaying, especially since the theme is "What would Jesus do?" he touched on topics such as Jesus' mission in the world and as well as our purpose as children of God by His mandate. Jesus said in Matthew 4:19, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men", this was his purpose for us all along, to fish for men, to make disciples of not only our own kind but of all nations. Second takeaway I was able to learn is that, not only are we called to make disciples, we must love. Jesus came down from heaven to give us a simplified commandment for our faith, aside from the other 10 commandments, he summarized it into Matthew 22:39, "Love your neighbors as you love yourself." Before this commandment of course is to Love God above all else, seek His Kingdom first and all will be added unto you. Yes, we are called to Love. Love God, love yourself, love others, that includes your enemies/ those who persecute you/ you dislike or hate. It's simple but it's hard, I know. But that is why we are christians because we learn to Love. That is what we are wired to do because God is first and foremost LOVE! It is our mandate to Love since it is what sets us apart from other people and it is a characteristic that lets other people know that Jesus is alive in us. Be known for Love that has no limits than what you are against. The world can give you reasons to give up on being loving since people are naturally sinners and it's hard to love them, but Love truly never fails. Because the greatest of these, is LOVE (1 Cor 13:13).

I am so grateful for what I have learned this two days of Go Conference. For us christians, let us never stop in the name of Love. Let's continue to love other people, never ceasing to help them get to heaven. These days can be tough, but if we learn to love one another as we learn to love ourselves, we will survive this crisis that we are facing right now, and for sure bring heaven to earth.


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