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I Fell in Love Again, But Only For A Minute

Blog articles have warned us, that there is this thing called Quarantine Fling going on during this pandemic. I didn’t want anything of it, because I know it will only be temporary. But still, I opted to sign up for that Facebook Dating option in the app. I put some of my info and decided to swipe right the guys I was interested in, and swiped left those that I think aren’t a match for me. I was so consumed with loneliness that one night that I was crying myself to sleep doing that very thing — making an online profile in a dating app. I was at my lowest of lows, then his name and picture appeared.

I liked his background, and his pictures were cute as well. Someone compatible for me? I thought. I swiped right and sent him a message saying that if it’s weird for me if I complimented him having nice teeth. Haha. I’m such a dork. But whatevs, it’s been too long that I’ve been a people pleaser and I am finally embracing that side of me, of being a dork/ nerd/ geek. And so I shoot my shot and sent him that message. The next day he replied, and the rest was history.

We met the next week at a park. It was our first meet up. I mean, spoiler alert we only had two dates haha. But during our first meet up, it was a whole day that I felt like I already knew him since we talked a lot about our life. I don’t know about him but that day when I met him, it was love at first sight for me. They say these things only happen once in a blue moon, unfortunately for me that blue moon was that Tuesday.

After that we texted and texted every single day leading up to our next date, which was the Tuesday of next week haha. I love tuesdays don’t mind me. Anyway, we went to the beach then we had lunch near the beach and spent the whole day at the beach. Haha. Yes I got sunburned and yes it was romantic. Then at the end of the day he took me to a beautiful garden. I told him I liked him.

The next few days were something sort of like in a movie. I was so in love. We texted everyday since then and he told me he still wanted to get to know me and that we’d go for a third date. Then came saturday, he told me he wants to chitchat on the phone. We did, and he complimented me saying I was a beautiful woman, sexy, charming, smart and kind. And then he said, but you’re not my type. I was speechless.

He then continued to tell me he only sees me as a friend. I couldn’t say any sentence that was straight haha. But I still managed to thank him for being upfront with me. I kind of saw it coming though. But because I was blinded by my infatuation with him that I didn’t want to believe it. Funny thing, I didn’t feel angry. I felt sad though, honestly I cried after that. But I didn’t feel frustrated with him. We’re still friends but only online. We didn’t get to see each other after that and it’s been weeks.

What’s the point of this write up you may be asking. Well, it’s the fact that I fell in love again that’s what. I’m so happy even if things have ended not the way I expected it to with this guy. I’m so happy I finally moved on from my ex! I can’t stop smiling as I am typing this. This guy, even if I was only a quarantine fling, even if I risked my life during this pandemic so I could move on from an old love, it really was worth it. Though I pray I wouldn’t get the virus because of the shenanigan that I did, still it was worth the risk.

Love really moves in mysterious ways. I don’t know if the guy would still remember me, he chats me up sometimes but I’m glad I was able to fall in love again even it was for a minute. I therefore conclude that indeed meeting a future potential partner has limitless chances once you are alive. The sky’s the ceiling. You just have to find that perfect guy for you to appreciate the beauty of falling in love with each other.


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