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How To Manage Your Time Effectively

Recently, I have just started working and I have learned so much during my training which is why I want to make an article channeling what I have learned on how to manage time effectively. It’s not something that you can do overnight, it takes time, practice and effort in improving skills in managing your time. Here are some ways on how to manage time:

Analyze your goals

If you haven’t written down your goals yet, now is the time! Divide it into two — the long term and the short term so that you can prepare for it. Always remember that goals should be SMART – (S)pecific, (M)easurable, (A)ttainable, (R )esult oriented, and (T)ime bound. Also, it is better to make a timetable, that way you can decide when you would like to achieve your goals.

Work out priorities

Prioritization is key. Once you have listed your long term and short term goals, analyze which has the highest priority or lowest priority and act upon it. You need to put those priorities in order that way each goal will involve the successful completion of a number of tasks. Another way is following Stephen Covey’s Quadrant of Priority. Click here for more info about this.

Assess work or leisure patterns

Everyone has a natural daily rhythm. There are times when there is peak energy and low energy. Be familiar with your natural rhythm so you can work with it. When you are at your peak energy, it is important to allocate the most demanding activity to that time so you can be at your most productive. Then when you are at your lowest energy, give yourself a break, have a kitkat. That is how you manage your efficiency.

Using time planners

Documentation like keeping records of time and activities for the day, week, or month can help you become more effective. Find a planner that suits your needs and stick to it. It is important to be organized with your life that way in your work you are organized and have less room for mistakes. With technology, time keeping has been more accessible than ever because we now have calendars and planners on our phones and laptops, so you have no excuse not to be organized today.

Thinking positively

Positive thinking can have a profound effect on people. It lets you enjoy life because you wouldn’t have to think about things that can be toxic to your brain or body system mentally, spiritually and physically. In thinking positively, it’s much easier to handle problems whether in work or life in general. It also helps to avoid stress, which is the number one leading cause of illnesses nowadays. So think positively, and you will see greatness unfold in your life.

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