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How I am Already Successful in My Own Terms

I always hear or see the word “Success” from almost everywhere I look. From when I was a young girl, my parents encouraged me to be successful, my teachers tried to prophesy that I will be successful, even I thought I will reach to the point that by now, at age 25, I am working in a job that I love, being a manager/ supervisor and traveling all over the world. I know that’s too ambitious, but some of the people I know already reached that point, however, me? I’m just starting.

But that’s okay. I realized, I’m already successful in my own terms because I am happy, contented, I have graduated from school, already went to my dream destination (Los Angeles, USA), I can buy things I want and need, I have a job now and I can pay my bills regularly and on time, I have friends who care for me, I have a roof on top of my head and a family that loves and supports me all the way.

But what should I still do after I have gotten everything that I wanted? Here are some advices (for myself actually for the most part) that I can give you to keep that fire burning:

Pray regularly

Pray to God for the things you have now. Be grateful to God of everything that you have right now because in a blink of an eye everything can change. When that change comes, pray and ask God for guidance so that you can surpass any challenge that life gives you.

Invest in yourself

Read self-help books that will help improve your skills, personality and way of life. Don’t forget to read the Bible. Enroll in activities after work that will improve your skills and health like going to the gym or attending a workshop in Microsoft Office, something that you will thank yourself in the long run.

Spend time with your loved ones

Now that you have everything that you have prayed for, like work and things, don’t ever forget where you came from. Always remember your family because they have been there through the ups and downs. It may not be a blood-related family, it can be friends who became family. The moral of the story is, always spend time for people who care for you because you might never know what will happen to them.

Lastly, take breaks as often as you can

There is power in stillness, it’s in the Bible. There’s nothing you can accomplish if you won’t have a break as often, aside from having a burnout. We want to be productive, but our bodies can only take so much energy, so we really need down times. If we don’t have downtimes, it can result to illnesses and mental health issues, and we don’t want that do we?

xx Denise

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