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Hello Love Goodbye: My Thoughts

Wow, I don’t even know how to begin. This movie was just breathtaking. From Alden and Kathryn’s on-screen chemistry, the lightings/ cinematography, to the climax of the story up until the ending, every scene shot was a masterpiece. When I decided I would watch the movie, I didn’t expect it to be this good. I just wanted to watch it so I could ride with the hype of my filipino friends. In the end, I’ve learned a lot from the theme of the movie. Out of all the filipino movies I’ve watched, this by far is my favorite one. I could relate to it so much, not only because it depicts that Canada is the dream destination of the main character, Joy, but because of the depth of the story. How it is much more than just a love story — it’s an ode to Filipinos searching and finding that greener pasture for their future. I could relate to it as a person living abroad and, my fave part is how it gave me nostalgia, most especially of my first love.

My love story isn’t as mature or as intense as the story in the movie. But I guess with regards to leaving a country for my goals and dreams and choosing family over a relationship — that’s what hit me. Regarding my first love, I have already accepted the fact that we’re never meant to be. He his happily in love with someone else already. However, sometimes I do think, what if I just stayed in the Philippines for a longer time? Will it still matter? Will it still be us? It’s true, as what the movie lets us understand that sometimes people come into your life as a passage-way that leads to where you are meant to be. For me, it took me 7 years to finally move on from my ex. Although when I came back to the Philippines sometime last year, I still had feelings for him. My friends say I should definitely forget about him because for sure he has forgotten about me already. And I could see that. He looks so happy and contented, I wish him health and happiness.

I guess, that’s the dilemma of OFWs or people living abroad too huh. You can never really tell what is going to happen when you leave, but you still take the risk for your dreams and future. Through the movie, I now understood why I had to leave my old life in the Philippines before. So that I could have a better life for my family, and myself included. No regrets, even if I failed a long time ago. Because everything falls into place when you have faith in Jesus. Romans 8:28.

Well, Hello Love Goodbye, it was heartwarming to watch that movie. Some people want to have a part 2. But me? Naahh, it’s better to leave it as it is and let imagination run its course. Leaving something hanging but somehow hopeful can be a beautiful thing as well. Not everything needs to be explained or finished. It’s the mystery that makes it worthwhile.

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