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God is Real: Encounter Weekend

There is one simple truth in this life: and that is, God is REAL.

I have had the privilege and am blessed to have seen how God moves in my own eyes towards His people this weekend. I have to say, this blog post is the most important post I have ever made in my entire lifetime because I am declaring of HIS GLORY above all things in this world, as opposed to my old self which I only half-heartedly believed it to be so. My dear readers, I am praying that the Holy Spirit will move you as you visualize and internalize what I have experienced this weekend with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Champion Life Centre where the encounter with God was held.

It all started during Friday, February 22, where I was supposed to take an exam in Life Insurance (Module 1: Ethics). Yes, right now I am studying to become a Life Insurance Agent here in Canada. And I wasn’t in my right mind back then that Friday because before taking the exam, I cried so hard. It was maybe because of my lack of sleep, BUT I figured it was something else. The whole night before that, I was consumed with envy…of my peers, my old classmates, my friends, my past, and those that are now successful, in the worldly context. I didn’t know what was going on, but I felt it in me that it was a spiritual attack. The enemy was trying to deceive me into thinking I wasn’t worthy of anything, and that I am dumb and stupid for even trying to get back up from my failures. Ha! But he sure definitely is wrong! Because, by the grace of God, when I called my dad, He gave me uplifting words and I was feeling a little bit better after that. BUT what I am truly grateful is that I was given an opportunity to go to the encounter for God at our home church in Brampton, which I didn’t intend to go actually because it was for a different reason. But it was God’s plan for me to go there because He wanted to see me. And I did go.

The first few sessions on that Friday, I won’t go into much details because it is slightly confidential. But what I remembered that day was we had a praise and worship first so that our minds and hearts will be opened to receive His word. Then we went on to discuss about basically strongholds and bondages that keep us entangled to the sins of this world. We checked the past/present sins in our little paper, and then we repented them and rebuked them in our lives, and to be honest I felt a little lighter. As if the baggage of my life was cleared, but not completely yet. It was just the beginning of a wonderful encounter to build our relationship with Jesus. We concluded that night and some of us New Adults in our church went to sleepover at our leader’s house that way we can be early the next day. But we were sort of late the next day and we weren’t able to eat breakfast at the venue lol. However, it was a blessing in disguise because in the next sessions, I really felt the love for Jesus for what He did for us, His sacrifices on the cross for our sins that I felt the hunger and thirst for The Word and Jesus Christ and His teachings. Needless to say, the second day of encounter was the greatest thing that has happened to me in my entire life. I say this, why? Because… I received the Holy Spirit this Saturday, February 23, 2019! Hallelujah!

What happened you may say? Well, it started at the end of encounter, when we were called at the altar and declared GOD is with us! That God is in this place, our church, God’s storehouse! I remember crying for healing, releasing the oppressive spirits and bondages that have held me down for so long, for years. I remember falling down in humble adoration and being filled with JOY and gladness that the Holy Spirit has been with us the whole duration of that PRAISE and WORSHIP for GOD. I remember SINGING loudly for HIS GLORY and GOODNESS in my life. And truly, praising HIM, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for loving me and being with me every step of the way in my life. I was so thirsty for Jesus in my life. And He gave me the will to be alive for Him once again and all the days of my life. I also remember Tito Albert praying over me, interpreting the Holy Spirit’s declaration that I should TRUST GOD every day, every minute, every hour of my life, and I accepted that and declared that I WILL TRUST GOD.

Friends, God is REAL. He loves us and will do anything in HIS POWER to let us go back to Him once and for all. Jesus saves us, and gives us eternal life as a gift along with FREEDOM from the sins of this world. We need to REALIZE this and ACKNOWLEDGE IT in every aspect of our lives.

Right now, I am writing with the Holy Spirit blazing my soul as I am completely healed from my past bondages and strongholds, and I will not believe the enemy anymore! That is why I am excited and happy and just want to tell the GOOD NEWS!

He is here with us always, and He is coming back again, soon!

I pray, that you will be filled with Jesus as you read this blog post.

Godbless and God loves you.

With love,


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