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From saddie to savage

I never did give myself enough credit of how far I've come. From being a depressed young adult to a fully grown adult girl boss. I mean, I'm not a manager or of high position (yet) but I do have different things going on in my life that I have responsibility, accountability or am in charge of. I have recently just launched a shop, starting a health/ beauty biz, a site of my advocacy on mental health awareness and I am studying to become a financial advisor. Though the latter is taking me a while to finish because I get distracted most of the time lol, I'm finding my way back to what matters this year. I thank the Lord for this blessing in disguise where everything got paused so I can reflect on what's important in my life - my family, friends, health/ fitness, and purpose. And on the process reach for my stars while having fun at it.

So what exactly happened to me? Why did I decide to, from a saddie, become a savage? Part of the reason at first was a guy. I wanted to glow up because I wanted him to miss out what he took for granted. However, as I was on the process of this "glowing up" I fell in love with something else - I fell in love with becoming my best and brightest self. Kudos to someone who helped me realize this (you know who you are ;) tysm and ily!). Anyway, I realized I don't need to do this for anyone else but myself. That's why when I got out of my cocoon and became this butterfly, I was able to appreciate it more because I worked hard for it and the reward is priceless. I'm proud of who I became and will continue to evolve and bloom, for myself, not for anyone else.

Is it selfish? Is it narcissistic? No, I don't think so. For the longest time I wasn't able to love myself and I resorted to doing things that I regret. Now that I learned to love my only body and doing the best for me, I'm able to have sound decisions that would help not only me but for the people I love around me as well. It's true, the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. Everything will flow through naturally after you spread the love. Of course I don't forget God and my faith. It's a commandment to love yourself as you love others. That's exactly what I am trying to do. Love is the only thing that makes this world go round. And it starts with you.

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