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Five things that have happened in my life since I let you go

I really don’t know how to express the feeling that I have right now but let me try to explain it the best I can. It’s like a big rock load heavy bag just lifted its weight from my shoulders to the air suddenly during this week. I may have exams to take by the end of this month and I honestly was not able to pass my first two exams but heck I am so grateful for the Lord for lifting this baggage that I was holding on far too long.

Here are five things that I realized have happened in my life since I let go of a former flame:

1. Learned to love life

Man, if I only knew Tiktok would make my life so much better, I would’ve downloaded it way before haha just kidding! Though it’s just another social media app, I decided a few weeks before to really look into this viral app that’s making so much impact on almost everyone, including my two brothers. I was intrigued by them that’s why I gave a shot at really using it well and I concluded it’s really better than most of the social media platforms that I have been using – facebook, Instagram and twitter included. They spread goodvibes and even has a digital wellbeing feature that you can use so that you won’t spend too much time on it. Although it’s ironic that I would gush about an app when talking about learning to love life but honestly I came across so many influential people who give pep talks about life in general in that app than any other people I talk to in person. Though I still prefer reality of course, that app is a whole new world which is just good vibes in general and I would recommend people to use it.

2. Learned to love myself

Speaking of Tiktok, I was able to come across influencers who are genuinely nice which made an impact to me today. Grateful that they are humble enough to answer questions that I had regarding fitness and life in general, that made me want to be the best version of myself to which that is exactly what I am doing right now. Started to walk every morning, working out when I can, and ate healthy food that I almost completely forgot to check his (former flame) profile every day. I know, it was an unhealthy obsession. But glad I was able to move past it. I learned from my dad that if you let someone get to you, you let them have a hold of your life, are they that important that you bother with them anyway? No. That’s why it’s better to let go and move on.

3. Appreciated my family and friends more

Throughout this pandemic, I had ups and downs, just like anybody else I guess. But going through a heartbreak at that while on a pandemic, is a different story. Though this heartbreak lasted for years already, I learned that it’s not worth my effing time. Better to spend it wisely for my family and friends who love me dearly than someone who doesn’t appreciate my worth. I realized that time is precious and we need to love our family and friends now before everything becomes too late.

4. Worked on becoming my best self

As I mentioned, I am working towards becoming the best version of myself right now. I’m working out, sleeping well, eating right and trying to have the right mindset. All thanks to kind people I came across during this pandemic. Life is too short to sulk and dwell on the negative, although sometimes life can be hard but you always have a choice whether you want to have a good day or a bad day. I choose to have a great day everyday for myself and my loved ones. Mind over matter, it always starts with mindset.

5. Began to be grateful for everything

Thanksliving is good living. Every moment counts and living for the moment, the small things, is precious and should be exercised every single day. I thank God for these realizations because it helped me to move forward. To forgive and forget about the past and count my blessings because God really is a generous Father. He gives us countless chances even though we screw up plenty of times, but because of His grace and mercy, He continues to show us His love each and every time. That is why I am grateful for everything because everything comes from Him.

I hope these five things that have happened in my life since I chose to let go will be manifested everyday even until the pandemic ends. It’s a real tough time nowadays, people’s mental health gets challenged, that’s why we need to be stronger now more than ever.

Remember to always choose to be kind, you’ll never know the battles people are facing every day.

Love and light,


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