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10 Things That Makes Me Really Happy

Hi lovelies! So I decided to do this 30 day writing challenge this month of February (photo below). If you wanna do it as well, feel free to do so! Just put #GiggleChronicles30DayWritingChallenge on your post to any social media platform.

Okay so let’s start.

10 Things that make me really happy:

  1. Family

I’ve always mentioned my family is one of the most important things in my life. Being with my family, at whatever circumstance may it be highs or lows, makes me happy. I’m grateful to God for giving me my family and now that I get older I appreciate them more.

2. Friends

What is life without friends? They make a dull life, colourful. They make the gray skies, blue again. You get what I mean? Hehe. My friends are very important to me as well. Even though adulting makes it hard to meet with them most of the times, I’m still happy I have a few good friends who check up on me with good intentions.

3. Music

I’m a music lover, music buff, music geek, whatever you call it. I like songs ranging from pop, to hip-hop, to Jpop. Basically anything that I’m in the mood for, I like. Follow me on Spotify for my playlists btw: https://open.spotify.com/user/22crwfimbiltojh7qtkya572y?si=YkeDqsfUQWmBJp2n9pAgIw

4. Milktea

Ahh, milktea. It’s a simple kind of happiness, but it’s true. My love for milktea dated since I was in the Philippines sometime 8 or 9 years ago. It’s really been that long. I like a simple Black Milk Tea with grass jelly. That’s my fave go-to flavor.

5. Any form of Art

I like the arts and being creative, may it be making art on paper like brush lettering, calligraphy, illustration art, to digital art, collage and many more! It sparks joy! You can see it here on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/gigglechronicles/

6. Film Photography

I like a good old picture. But more on vintage photos like film. I like the nostalgia of seeing the pictures with its faded and dirt effects. It adds more emotion to it. I don’t know but it makes me happy.

7. Writing

Writing has always been my solace in escaping the real world. It’s thru writing I am able to express myself and relax. Hence, I opted to do this 30 Day Writing Challenge so I can be in tune with myself again and get to know myself better. You should do it too!

8. Cute stuff

For as long as I remember I always loved cute stuff even as a kid, especially the Japanese kawaii style and stationery. It makes me feel cutesy and lovely, and a girly girl! Looking at cute stuff makes me happy too.

9. Memorable experiences

There are experiences and there are memorable experiences. Memorable experiences doesn’t necessarily have to be happy ones. Sad memorable experiences can make me happy by accepting the past and learning lessons from it. It’s more of being grateful actually.

10. Being around with God-fearing people

Last but not least, being around with godly people. Godly in a sense I do not mean self-righteous people, godly meaning they have God at the center of their lives and they are extending that love to other people including me! That is why I love to be in the presence of godly people because not only do I feel appreciated, I also feel loved. And in turn I become happy. I thank God for people in my church are godly/ God-fearing, it makes me become wise in my walk with Him.

So that’s the first entry for my challenge. I’m excited to see yours so don’t forget to do that hashtag ( #GiggleChronicles30DayWritingChallenge ). Let’s enjoy this challenge together!

Thank you for reading,



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